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Lever Handle Chrome Faucets

شیر توالت برلیان کرومی کلار

Lever Handle Gold Faucets

Lever Handle White Faucets

شیر روشویی سفید کلار

Built-in Faucets

Built-in faucets have more technical and qualitative advantages than normal ones. So that by placing inside the wall it will be equipped with a safe and secure shield and remains away from possible damages. Meanwhile in case of essential features, this product provides way more different and beautiful landscape to your bath and sanitary services than the classic leverage faucets. Today KelarPooya industrial & manufacturer company produces built-in faucets in all types and models. This faucets provides better customer satisfaction using higher productivity than the classic leverage generation.

Kelarpooya Android Application

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آیکون دانلود اندروید شرکت شیرآلات کلار